If you’re planning a company holiday party, the last thing you want to do is leave things to chance. Without proper planning, you can end up with a boring night at best, or one where employees feel unappreciated at worst. Use our tips to plan a fantastic company holiday party everyone will remember fondly for years to come.

Event furniture rentals for company holiday party

Renting party furniture is one way to make a company holiday party feel truly special.

#1: Start Planning Early

If you leave everything to the last minute, you’ll likely find good venues and caterers have already been snatched up. Book as early as you possibly can. The bonus is that gives you plenty of time to work out all the company party details.

#2: Consider a Theme

A good theme can make a company holiday party truly memorable. Be creative and choose something that your employees will find meaningful. Even if you go with an old tried-and-true (though some might say cliché) like Eighties Night, you can still put a new spin on it. The truth is, any idea carried out with enough enthusiasm and attention to detail can be a success.

#3: Treat Your Employees (with Food & Drinks)

This is the biggest night of the year to really treat your employees to something special. Whether you’re doing a full-service dinner, a buffet, or appetizers only, make sure they’re top quality and that there’s plenty to go around. Same goes for drinks. If your budget allows it, an open bar can be a much-appreciated touch. Offering a signature cocktail can be a nice treat, and you’ll get extra points if you offer a non-alcoholic version as well.

One other tip: close down the bar about an hour before the end of the party. Also make sure there are snacks throughout the night so you don’t end up with employees drinking on an empty stomach.

#4: Make the Company Holiday Party Look Great

A company holiday party really becomes something special when you consider decor. Think about how to organize your venue to give employees different spaces to congregate, eat, and converse. Signs and festive decorations can relate to your theme, but don’t forget about components like holiday party furniture. These extra touches are a thoughtful way to let your employees know you appreciate them.

#5: Consider the Logistics

Consider reserving a block of hotel rooms for employees who want to make a full night of it. Booking a bus to transport employees to the event venue can be another way to make sure everyone arrives and leaves safely. Another option is offering uber codes to make sure your employees can enjoy themselves without worrying about parking or getting a ride home.

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